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Race Date July 9th, 2016. Registration opens on November 1, 2015.

PARTICIPATE in the IDAHO 208:  Register and run in combination the both the Beaverhead Endurance Runs 100K and the River of No Return Endurance Runs 108K  OR  the SMUT 100K and the River of No Return Endurance Runs 108K and you have completed the IDAHO 208 (108K + 100K).  Those who sign up for either combination will be automatically entered into the IDAHO 208 and will receive a 25% registration fee discount from both races by using the coupon code “IDAHO208” at registration check out in Ultra Signup (use the same code for both races when registering). Finishers of the IDAHO 208 will receive special finishers award at the finish line of the last race of the combination you choose.  DON’T WAIT REGISTER FOR THE IDAHO 208!

Idaho Trail Ultra Series; The Beaverhead is a 2016 Idaho Trail Ultra Series event. Run for awards and prizes. Visit the ITUS website for a list of all the series races and come join the fun!!!!

Race Date: July 9, 2016

Start Times: 100K – 5:00 AM; 55K – 7:00 AM (Mountain Times)

Location: Near Salmon ID, Leadore ID, Dillon MT. View the Travel/Lodging page for detailed information.

Registration: Opens November 1, 2015. Limited to 300 runners

WELCOME to the Beaverhead 100K and 55K Endurance Runs. Come run and play in our hometown’s backyard. These are the mountains of our youth and we are still intrigued by their beauty. We are excited to share with you this unique racing adventure. These races are true mountain races; the route is rugged and challenging over varied terrain all at high altitude. Those who participate, please be prepared. We want all to finish and enjoy this event, thus the 55K has liberal cutoffs, but you still need to be prepared.

Here are a few quotes from past participants:

55K runner: “… I had no idea it would be so challenging. Over 6000 feet elevation gain, over 3 miles of scree, and the most technical course for over half the race.

55K runner: “It was an experience to run the continental divide for the inaugural Beaverhead Ultra in Salmon Idaho. By far the toughest course I have been on and some epic skree along the ridge peaks at 11,000ft. The race directors put on a great race for their first year. Thanks Eric and Dave for a great event.

100K runner: “It was the toughest course I’ve ever run with super technical trail and peaks at 11,000ft. Running ridge lines of scree was epic. For a first year race, the directors put on a stellar race and made it one of a kind!”

100K runner: “That was the hardest thing I have ever done.

100K runner: “Great race and kudos to the volunteers and race directors for putting on such a well-run, challenging, and beautifully scenic event!!!”

Overview: Both races are point to point and take place predominantly on the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDT) and the Continental Divide. The length of Continental Divide covered in this event also represents the boarder between Idaho and Montana. On the west side is Idaho’s Lemhi River Valley on the East is Montana’s Big Hole Valley. In the 100K at mile 49, runners will leave the official CDT for the remainder of the course, but will continue along the true Continental Divide boarder for another 5 miles (mile 54). FYI, at mile 49 the CDT dips into Montana then turns parallel to the Continental Divide in-order to divert away from a section of hard to navigate terrain consisting of high mountains, skree, and cliffs. We as masochistic trial running RD’s think you should experience some of the beautiful skree fields but not the cliffs, so we will drop off the Continental Divide at mile 54 and descend into the head waters of Bohannon Creek and onto the finish line. The 55K race covers the second half of the 100K race starting near the Lemhi Pass AS.

Because runners following the Continental Divide [separation between drainage to the Pacific Ocean (Idaho side) and Atlantic Ocean (Montana side)] they will always be high in the mountains following the natural elevation changes along the divide and will not ascend or descend into the deep creek and river valleys that boarder the course, except when they drop off the divide to the finish. Because of this, the entire race is at a high elevation with respect to this part of Idaho and Montana. This course has a good mix of terrain, with a mix of climbs, descents, smooth trail and technical sections.

This section of the high, remote, rugged and scenic Beaverhead Mountains is rich in history. The birthplace of Sacajawea, the home of the Lemhi-Shoshone Indians, the Lewis and Clark expedition and gold mining are just some of the historic highlights from this part of the Rocky Mountains. Besides the occasional road, the landscape along the course is untouched and looks like it did over 200 years ago when Lewis and Clark crossed the divide and the Shoshone traveled to and from their winter and summer grounds over Lemhi Pass.

Course Preview.

Aerial Preview of the Entire 100K and 55K Courses in Less Than 6 Minutes. Plane footage was filmed 5/23/2014. No to very little snow will be on the course on race day.

 Detailed Course Aerial Preview.  Taped 5/23/14.  Select 720p HD from the You Tube setting icon at the bottom of player to watch in HD! The 100K preview is the entire video and the 55K preview starts at 9:47 in the video.

We want to make this event a family event. Because we know that many runners like to combine running adventures with family and friend outings, we are working with local businesses to provide adventures for the whole family while you visit. Salmon is known as the “White Water Capital of the World” and is the gateway to the largest wilderness area in the lower 48 states. Please visit our Family Adventure page for more information.

The Beaverhead Endurance Runs operates under a special use permit on public lands administered by the Salmon Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management and the Salmon-Challis National Forest. This permit holder does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, or disability nor do we refuse to furnish accommodations, facilities, services, or use privileges offered to the public in general in the course of conducting this event.

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  1. Anne Kelly says:

    Your website is amazing. As a mother of a daughter in your 100k, I appreciate the video of the course although I will wait in anticipation for her to arrive safely as well as all of the runners. Great job! Anne

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