1ooK Qualifier: To be able to run the 100K, runners must have completed a 50K distance (or greater) race in the past 3 years (from November 1, 2014 to June 23, 2018).


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The 2018 100K IS FULL and there is no open waitlist.  HOWEVER, there is still a path into the 100K:

–We will allow anyone registered for the 55K to upgrade to the 100K IF SLOTS OPEN UP (Race Day Limit = 100).  This will be on a FIRST COME FIRST serve basis. 

–Each year due to unforeseen issues (injury, lack of training, commitments, etc…) some 100K runners drop to the 55K or out of the event entirely. Thus opening spots. 

–If a 55K runner wishes to move up please send us an email letting us know ( When a slot opens we will send the next listed runner information on how to change distances. When runners move up or down in distance, all paid shuttles are transferable.

–There is no guarantee if you get on the internal waitlist that you will be able to move up.

–Once the 55K distance fills all registration into the race will cease. There will be no 55K open waitlist.

A percentage of the registration fees will be donated to local cross country teams.

100K Registration Costs:
$145.00 Nov. 1 – May 1
$160.00 May 2 – June 25.
Registration also includes a unique running shirt, post race meal, finisher license plate, and custom finisher hoodie (new for 2018).

55K Registration Costs:
$75.00 Nov. 1 – May 1
$90.00 May 2 – June 25.
Registration also includes a unique running shirt, post race meal, and finisher license plate

Start and Finish Line Shuttles

Shuttles will be available to the start lines and from the finish line back to Salmon (pick up and termination point the Stagecoach Inn)

Start Transportation

Startline shuttle services must be registered and paid for by June 15 (paid at registration on Ultra Signup or at the store).  There is temporary space available at the 100K and 55K starting lines for families and crews to drop off runners and watch the start of the races.  There will not be transportation back to the start locations to pick up vehicles.

Pickup Location

Stagecoach Inn Parking Lot. 201 Riverfront Drive, Salmon, ID. Shuttles will leave at the exact departure times

Shuttle Departure Times

100K Shuttle Departure Time: 3:15 AM
55K Shuttle Departure Time: 4:40 AM

 Finish Line Transportation

There will be parking available for runners families and crews at the finish line. For runners who do not have transportation at the finish, a shuttle will be provided to transport runners back to Salmon for a charge of $15.00 (paid at registration on Ultra Signup or at the store). The distance from the finish line to Salmon is about 10 miles and will take approximately 20 minutes to drive.  We will provide driving instructions in the runner email 2 weeks before the event. Also we will have signs to guide people to the finish line.

An added registration site processing fee of approximately 6% is added during registration.

Distance Changes

We realize there are often reasons to change race distances after you have registered. We will allow changes between both events if made by June 15th. Here is our policy:

100K to 55K: There is no refund for the price difference. Email notification by June 15th is required.

55K to 100K: Policy is outlined at top of this page.

SPECIAL RIVER FLOAT TRIP AND DINNER: A Pre-pace half day (3-4 hours) float trip on the scenic and beautiful Salmon River for the entire family and/or crew, all before the Friday pre-race check-in and briefing for just $50 per person; what can be better?  NOTHING!   This special event is sponsored by Idaho Adventures. Don’t miss out on this special event just for runners and family/friends/crew attending the Beaverhead Endurance Runs. Sign up soon, only 100 slots are availableClick Here to learn more.

Trucker Hats for Sale: Last year we had the hats made for the RD’s with a few extra left over that we sold at the pre-race meeting. Due to their popularity we have decided to offer them for sale at UltraSignup.  You can buy them in the STORE.  The cost is $20/hat.  The hats are high quality with the logo stitched using thread.  We will have a variety of styles and colors combinations to choose from.

Beaverhead Hat

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